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What Everyone's Saying About 4 Ways to Rock a Blazer

No matter how you wear them, whether it's for a nice corporate meeting or a casual Sunday brunch, there is no denying the fact that blazers are some of the most versatile and stylish pieces of clothing that you can have in your closet. The trend of wearing blazers is never ending and, no matter the season, you will definitely see them still blazing a trail this summer in fashion.

The amazing thing about blazers is that if you own just one, you can wear it in many ways with different outfits. If you are looking for a few basic outfit ideas that showcase your blazer, here are 4 ways to rock it and still look put together.

#1 Trail BLAZING the Office


The classic image most people have in mind when it comes to styling a blazer is often accompanied with a pair of dress pants or slacks. Although a common pairing, this happens to be one of our favorite looks. The classic business suit may get an update over time but will never go out of style.

Get into your bag and command the board room by pairing your blazer with a nice buttoned-down blouse, bodysuit, or any top you choose to wear underneath. Also, adding it with your favorite pair of trousers.

We prefer to wear basic solid-colored trousers that look great with anything, such as white, black, or tan. This will allow you to switch from one top to another as you desire, resulting in a whole new look. The addition of accessories will always take any look up a notch as well.

These days the office has become a lot more laid back and casual when it comes to the dress code. You can save your Sunday's best for a wedding or an overly fancy birthday party. It's definitely your choice to keep things simple or glam things up.

# 2 Dress a Blazer for Success


There nothing more elegant than pairing a nice dress with a blazer. When paring a blazer that is a bold color such as red, we again like to stick with wearing a more neutral toned dress. We paired this red blazer with a black midi dress which gives

the illusion of wearing a pencil skirt and a separate top. This is a basic look that gives you a lot of room to play around with.

Have fun with this look by adding some gold accessories that will give off a high-end look. Or even play around with adding in accessories that are both black and white while allowing the pop of color to stand out.

This outfit can definitely be worm to the office, for a night out to get drinks, or even a fun lunch date. All you need is to add a fun handbag and cute shoes to finish off the look.

#3 Keeping it Casual


Here's where it get's fun. A blazer can also be dressed down. We love this look a lot because we feel that it still gives off major boss vibes while adding a more relaxed and youthful look.

Both Millennials and Gen Zer's understand the concept of what we like to call "stylish comfort". We are definitely killing the game when it comes to dressing up a dressed down look.

In the mid to late 2000's blazers were everywhere. We wore them with jeans along with our overly matching accessories and huge belts but the look now is better than ever.

Borrowing a bit from the 1980s, jeans tend to look awesome when paired with a boyfriend blazer and some very "chique" tennis shoes. If you only have one blazer that appears to be more on the dressy side like the one pictured above, don't worry.

If you want to pair it with jeans, go for some that aren't doing too much. This means that the jeans should have no holes or frays in them. For fall or winter, we recommend wearing a boot cut jean and matching it with a pair of boots. Or a pair of skinny jeans with your favorite thigh high boots.

#4 Keeping it Short


Lastly, another paring that we love and see absolutely no signs of going out of style. For the Spring and Summer don't be afraid to wear a blazer with a pair of shorts. That's right, a nice pair of shorts.

Of course, you won't want to wear this look to the office but, this pairing still has an element of sophistication if you are attending a casual lunch meeting or day party. However, we want to caution you when wearing this look. Just like when wearing jeans with a blazer, you must pair it correctly.

When worn with shorts, boyfriend blazers look fantastic, especially if they are a bit longer at the hip than the shorts. The same kind of look can also be achieved with rompers, and we also particularly love this look with a cropped shirt undershirt.

Keep the blazer thin and not bulky. Also, when a blazer is paired with shorts, it should look as if it were a jean jacket or any other light jacket you may wear. It should not draw too much attention away from the entire outfit. The blazer should just compliment and dress up this casual look.

Those are just some basic ways that we love to style our blazers but, we also want to hear from you. Give us a like and comment down below what ways you like to style your blazers. Do you go for more of a dressy look? Or would you rather keep it casual. As always, we appreciate your love and feedback. ♥

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