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'You Got Me Twisted': The hottest braid trends of the summer

Braids have been around for centuries and is one of THE best protective styles for the summer. The thing I love about braids is that they can be literally whatever you want them to be. The best part for me is that its a no hassle, get up and go style for me.

Ok let me KNOT ramble, lol.....get it?!!!..........

Ooooooookay then......let's get started shall we....


Classic box braids will NEVER not be a thing. It's something about wearing braids that scream summer vacation. Box braids are braids with a knot at the root which can be range from large or small and long or short. It can also be worn in a variety of styles such as half up half down, twisted up-do, the sides gathered to the back, or in a high bun (which is a my fav). These braids are sure to make a statement and (as stated before) is the perfect vacation style. I mean it's a low maintenance protective style that's high-key sure to turn heads. Now these braids can take up to 4-8 hours to install but I'm telling you, the end result is pure glam. This style is known to last for up to 4-8 weeks if taken care of properly. So the 4-8 hours is really a small price to pay for a style that lasts a while.


Ghana braids are very stylish. Often known for being a mixture of the cornrow style in the front and free flowing in the back. Theses braids can last anywhere between 2-5 weeks. Depending on how you take care of the braids. This style is very diverse as you can wear them in a bun or a side swept pony. Bonus: its keeps hair out of your face. I mean we are trying to have clear skin out here sis.


Knotless braids are all the rave sis. Much like box braids, they can be small or large. They are similar to box braids but sis.......your head is not going to hurt at the end of the night like when you first get box braids done and that is the ultimate plus! They are also lighter especially since a feed in technique that takes one's natural hair into a braided style. Making it look and feel like your natural hair is in individual braids. This style can last you up to 4-6 weeks, again depending on how your maintain them. Great light weight style for the summer, however, these braids tend to be more expensive than box braids. So expect to pay a little more and to sit a little bit longer.


Funny how these have made a comeback from our childhood. Now one may ask what is the difference between a french braid and a dutch braid. A dutch braids is what is described as an inside out braid. A french braid is when 3 sections of the hair are braided under each other instead of over. However or whichever you choose, both braids are beautiful and can be worn everyday. They are a great style when you are unsure what to do with your hair but you want to take it up a notch with little to no effort.


Founded in the Fula tribe in West Africa. These braids are best know for the medium to small plaits on the sides; usually have beads at the ends. Most ladies will wear this style with decorative braid up top, like a bun or a large braid. While others will wear their braids free flowing down the back. These braids have plenty of personality and give you that exotic look for the summer.


Need I say more?!!! These braids make a statement for themselves. The mohawk braid gives you that edgy look that just makes you want to stare. There are so many different ways to style the sides of the mohawk. The most popular way is small feed in braids. However, this style doesn't last very long though. I would give this style 2-3 weeks. Depending on how you take care of it and how you sleep. If you're a wild sleeper like me, I'd give this style 1 week. But that 1 week, would be lit!

Basic Cornrows

Also known as straight backs. This is one style thats simple yet CLASSIC. You want a protective style that is edgy but sleek?! You can go wrong with cornrows. There are so many variations and patterns that can be done with this style. You can use your natural hair or add in some for that extra length or volume. Great for adding different colors and hair jewels to decorate this style even more. Cornrows usually last maximum up to 8 weeks. You can't beat some straight backs with shades and hoop earrings......instant wave sis!

There are so many other braided styles that were not mentioned but the variations are ENDLESS. Below are some honorable mentions:

Lemonade braids Goddess braids Crown braids

Fishtail braids Feed-Ins Senegalese Twists

Jumbo braids Braided Bun styles Passion Twists

Crochet braids Tribal braids Halo braids

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