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2Sense Shortie: Discouraging Friendships?!!

Everyone has dreams, aspirations, and goals they want to achieve. You are so proud of the ideas you have and you are ready to shout it from the rood tops. You go to your bestie, just to share your ideas and see if he/she can give you some insight and/or encouragement. Only to get negative feedback from the one person who you thought would be your biggest supporter. Yeah..........this is what this weeks 2sense topic is about.

I had a friend who I've known since middle school. We shared everything together. Ideas, clothes, food, you name it. We did everything together and were two peas in a pod. If you saw her, you saw me. We were inseparable and we agreed on just about everything.

Then life happened. I got married, had children of my own, and ideas of my own as well. Anytime something good would happen for me, she would always respond in such a negative way. For example, I wanted to go to nursing school and she told me "if I were you, I wouldn't because its long hours and you'll be away from your kid but thats just me." Another time, we were going out and I did a full on beat. My friend just had some mascara and lip gloss. She told me "uggh, that is too much makeup. You look like a different person. I hope you don't break out from all that makeup but thats just me." Do you see where I'm going with this?! Every time I had a positive, she would hit me with a negative.

There are so many examples that I could choose from to prove my point. I thought because she was my friend, she had my best interest at heart right?! Wrong! I started noticing she would make rude comments but then would say she was just joking.

In my opinion, there are two ways to deal with people like this:

  • Stop sharing your business. You dreams can be tainted by the opinions another person can reflect onto you. They can even sway you into thinking you are not capable.

  • Part ways with this so called friend. Its very true what they say, time does not equal a meaningful friendship/relationship. Its just time because people change and so do their feelings towards you whether for the better or worse.

If you have a friend like this and you want to vent, leave a comment below. Oh and in case you are, unfortunately, we are no longer friends.

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