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2Sense Shortie: Mommy Edition

So its no surprise that more half of the country is still in quarantine due to COVID-19 and suddenly our schedules have changed even more. If you are like me, you became the teacher to your children, while working, cooking, working out, cleaning the home, and trying to keep your sanity. Well I am here to let you know, it is ok to feel overwhelmed and it is ok to feel like you need a break away.

Aside from the wine, a few nights a week I have made a point to do some things for myself which includes renting a movie I want to watch, an at home spa night, cooking a meal that I have always wanted to try, reading a book, or simply GOING TO BED EARLY MY DAMN SELF!!!!

As a mom, the weight of the family usually falls on us anyway but it's more noticeable now than ever with the quarantine. Here are a few tips and words of encouragement.

  • Step 1: YOU GOT THIS!!!! You are an incredible woman so therefore you are an incredible mother!!! Never forget you are a bad @$$, boss @$$ bih!!!! Repeat this to yourself, even if you are stuck in yoga pants and messy buns at the moment!

  • Number 2: Do not feel compelled to do a full days worth of school work. My son is in 2nd grade with mild ADHD. We take breaks for him and myself in between any assignment. We will do what we can while he is motivated but once he has kind of lost his spark to really hone in and pay attention, I do not pressure him. I assure him that he is doing a great job and that we did well with what we have done today.

  • Number 3: If dad (or another family member) is in the home, have them watch the kids for at least an hour so you can catch a break or take a walk .

  • Number 4: Know that this transition has not been easy but you get that quality time to learn more about yourself and your children. You were already rocking it and now you've taking it up a notch. Kuddos mommies, kuddos!!!!

Just remember, you are not alone. Fellow mommies across the globe feel that same way that you do and trust me, we are fighting the same fight. I mean by the way the snacks are leaving my pantry lets me know, I need a glass of wine any day, lol.

Leave some feedback on what is helping you during this quarantine.

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