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2Sense Shortie: Self Care

I know what you're thinking....."oh great another post about pampering yourself." AAAAAAANNNNNNNTTTTTT, wrong......thats just for the thumbnail to make the post look pretty but the truth is there are more ways than one to care for your self. Here is my top ten list of non physical ways that you may not have considered that are SELF CARE.

10. Getting the adequate amount of sleep. Yeah staying up is cool but have you ever woken up at a decent time and didn't feel like you had to rush?! Go to bed sis.

9. Dressing up.......and I don't mean in a suit and tie, ball gown type of way. My mama used to say when you look good, you feel good. I don't care if you are just going to the grocery store and back home. If you put forth the effort (no matter your style) especially on days you don't feel your best, it will actually cheer you up.

8. LET IT GO!!!! Let's be real, life is all about ups and downs. Some things are easier to let go than others but if the good out ways the bad, let it go. No matter what it is. Most importantly, do not be afraid to either.

7. There is nothing wrong with being selfish at times.........PERIODT!

6. Being alone. I find a lot of clarity when I am alone and by myself especially in silence. I can clear a lot of my thoughts just from doing so. Plus getting to know and treat myself. You do have to get to know yourself again as you continue to grow.

5. Loving some people from a distance. This also coincides with number 8. Not everyone is meant to grow with you. Not that they did anything wrong but if they are stunting your growth, you may need to love them from a distance.

4. NO MEANS NO. No is a complete sentence.

3. Removing yourself from situations which would otherwise cause you to go TF off and get REAL IGNANT.

2. Laughter. Laugh as often as you can. Sure RBF keeps you pretty (so they say...) but laughter is good for the soul and it makes you beautiful.

1. Whatever you have to do to create mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional stability.....DO THAT SIS. No matter how it looks to anyone else.

What tips do you have for self care? Please share......

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