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2Sense Shortie: 7 Ways to Build Your Best Self Esteem

Self esteem is defined as 'confidence in one's own worth and/or abilities; self-respect.'

Some people believe that once you get out of high school, you become your best self. You are so sure of yourself and you obtain this level of confidence you didn't know you could have. I can assure you that is false. Many people still suffer with self esteem issues well into adult hood.

With today's society laser focused on what is viewed through social media, the world seems to slowly become more and more into visuals. I mean, most attractions start with the eyes, right?! You can always tell what seems to attract and appeal to the masses by how many likes and follows a photo or status may have.

These images have a way of making an individual with existing esteem issues feel very low. To the eye, everything looks so picture perfect. Everyone wears the latest styles and fashions. Everyone is on vacations every week. Everyone is a business owner with loads of money. Or so it seems......

Photos only capture a quarter of the truth and people only allow you to see a small clip into their lives. Everyone alters their pictures to make them look perfect but that is only of the good moments in their lives. Realistically, we all have bad days, we are not on vacation all year long, and we all have ups and downs in business and/or life in general.

Why is this important you ask?! Well, comparison is the thief of joy and can heavily affect your self esteem. Self esteem is important because it influences the decisions and choices you make on a daily basis. It's important to try know that outside influences will not fix your self esteem. However with these tips, it can help you improve your outlook on life and hopefully help to rebuild and pour into yourself.

  • Positive affirmations such as "you are worth it" and "you are destined for greatness" can help you to start the journey of positive conversation with yourself.

  • Accept compliments. Stop wondering if they are genuine or not. Just say thank you and smile. Also learn to take a compliment without a follow up compliment to get the attention off of you or downing what they just said. (For example: "I love that shirt!" You: "oh, this is old and wrinkled but thanks.")

  • Fake it, til you make it. Start walking, talking, and moving like you have confidence. Eventually, it will come natural to you.

  • Try new things. This can be a total confidence booster. You learn a new skill or activity.

  • Accept yourself. Flaws and all because there is no such thing as perfection.

  • Exercise. My mama always said when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you're confident. Plus exercise relieves stress.

  • Change the way you think. As the saying goes, change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. (read that again).

Hopefully, this helps someone to the path of building a better version of themselves. Whether you have good self esteem or not, we all need reminders at times. Carry yourself like you are the baddest B on the block (because you are). Hold your head up, so that crown doesn't slip.

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