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2Sense Shortie: The Power Of Taking A Break From Social Media

"The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention". - Anthony J. D'Angelo

The Memorial Day holiday weekend provided us with a much-needed opportunity to unwind and disconnect from social media. With the constant demands of adult life, social media can offer a temporary escape. However, it's important to recognize that social media can be just as all-consuming as work. We use social media for both personal and professional reasons, but taking a break from it is just as essential as taking a vacation from work.

We thought it would be a breeze just taking a break from our phones over the weekend, but it turned out to be more difficult than we expected. When something becomes routine, removing it from your day can leave you feeling like something is missing.


Research shows that by taking frequent breaks from social media, it significantly reduces anxiety and depression. It also allows you to become more calm and alert which in turn helps with your focus.

Some of the benefits of taking a break from social media include:

  • Feeling more present and in the moment. By taking pictures, videos and scrolling all day, you miss out on some great memories. You think you are capturing them by taking a video but lets be honest whats better being at a concert or watching a video of a concert?!...........EXACTLY!

  • You sleep better. How many times have you found yourself tired but still mindlessly scrolling between 3 or more social sites? The bright light from the phone keeps up and social media itself is designed to keep you hooked and on your phone.

  • Less anxiety. By focusing on you and what is happening in your world, you won't feel the need to compare yourself to anyone else. Therefore, you will be able to relax and enjoy your own journey instead of beating yourself up about not doing what the next person is doing.

  • You feel you can connect more; in person. You will notice your relationships will blossom by simply communicating the old fashion way. You are more in tune with that person(s).

Social media is designed to be enjoyable and engaging, but it can definitely begin to become a drain on your time, energy, and mental well-being if you let it consume you.

Signs You Need a Social Media Detox:

  • You notice that you click on any social media app every time you pick up your phone.

  • You find yourself comparing your life, goals, and accomplishments to others, even if you don't know that person personally.

  • You check your phone first thing in the morning.

  • You feel like you are missing out if you do not check your socials.

  • Social media starts to feel like a chore.

If you are starting to feel like this then, honey............

So tell us, have you gone on a social media detox? What are some of the things you learned or that has happened to you while on your detox? What are some of your pros and cons? Leave a comment down below and share!

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