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2Sense Shortie: Traveling In Groups 101

So we are traveling this upcoming weekend and it made us think about traveling in groups. Being in a friend circle and traveling, often times are a lot of fun. An experience you all can share together until the end of time. However, traveling as a group sometimes can end a lot of good relationships.

There is a saying that you really find out what type of person a person is when you live with them, travel with them, or see how they treat people who they cannot benefit from. There are several ways to weed out what type of traveler your friends may be. Here are a few that we refuse to travel with.

NUMBER 1: Traveler vs. Vacationer

You need to figure out who your friends are and what they typically like to do when away from home. Are your friends travelers or vacationers? Or are they a mixture between the two? In case you are confused, here is the difference: A traveler is someone who loves to the sights of the city/country. They usually fill up the itinerary with sight seeing and different experiences. A vacationer is someone who came to relax and get away from the everyday hustles of life. If you are like us, we like a little bit of relaxation and experiencing new places/foods. This can make a difference. If you are a traveler, you may not want to travel with a vacationer. You will be upset when they don't want to participate in the excursions you have planned.

NUMBER 2: The Cheap Traveler

When you go on vacation, you have saved your money for a plane ticket, excursions, hotel, and maybe even the pre-travel errands which takes almost as much money as the trip in some cases. There is always that one friend who almost always comes up short and expects to change the excursion plans because they did not budget enough for the trip. Now once or twice in the duration of the trip is ok but everyone on the trip did not budget their money to pay for the next person throughout the trip. This tends to be a problem area in most travel plans amongst groups.

NUMBER 3: The Complainer

Sometimes things do not always go as planned when traveling and since you are so far away from home, you have to learn how to pivot and role with the tide. Not everyone is capable of doing so and thats ok, just as long as they know this about themselves and you know this. The complainer usually complains about every decision made, if the planes change, or even about the hotel, food, the clothes they packed, etc. This person can make or break the trip.

NUMBER 4: The Heavy Packer

We all pack extra outfits just in case the first few looks do not work out the way we planned. However we all know that one friend who loves to pack their whole closet. Then they leave the hotel or Air BNB in shambles because their clothes are everywhere. Not to mention, their luggage takes up all the room in the trunk of the UBER. Our luggage should be equally yoked.

NUMBER 5: The Two Friends That Do Not Get Along

This is a big one and it should be self explanatory. However, common sense is not very common. If you have two friends who do not get along with one another or two friends who always bump heads, please do not travel with them together. This is going to ruin the entire trip for everyone. Everything will be an argument from dinner, to clothes, to days events. If you want to avoid drama, travel with each person separately.

There are a few more things to know when traveling with groups and what to look out for BEFORE you decided to get out of your comfort zone and travel with a circle of friends. If you would like a part two, let us know. In the mean time, do you have any friends that we should be aware of before sending out our travel invites? Leave a comment below and lets discuss.

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