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2Sense Shortie: What We're Most Thankful For (2022 Edition)

With the season of Thanksgiving literally around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to reflect on what we have been most thankful for this year. It is definitely not necessary to wait for a special time of year to show gratitude and appreciation for all that you have accomplished.

Throughout the year, we encourage ourselves and our readers to be thankful. Join us as we share a few things we're grateful for this year.

#Family First

This is something we cherish and are thankful for always. We are so thankful for our sisterhood. We know that you guys may be used to only seeing just the 2 of us here on this blog but, there are actually 3 of us. Big sis is the gorgeous queen in the middle.

When times get tough, having a strong support system is important. Also, the encouragement you receive in times where you need it is priceless. Though we may not always agree, we will always have each other's backs no matter what.

#Peace of Mind

There are some people who underestimate the power of having a peace of mind. Removing toxic people and negativity are not just cliche things that people mention when discussing self-care and inner peace.

Having those moments where your mind is calm and you're able to focus and bring clarity to the things that really matter is something that we must say that we are thankful for. It is inevitable that we will face difficult times but finding that center balance will allow us to come back home to a calmer place.

#Cheers to Sucess

Sucess doesn't always have to do with monetary gains. Throughout this year, we have worked towards continuing to accomplish goals that we've set for ourselves the year before.

Sucess to us is also having gratitude and being content with wherever you may be in life right now. Being hard-working but also knowing when to relax. Also, the joy of spending time with those who matter to us and who never hesitate to return our positive energy and motivation. Cheers to success. 🥂

#The SweetieGang

We continue to be thankful for ALL of our followers and subscribers!!!! You all make it possible for us to keep going and to be consistent no matter what. We are loving the feedback that you give us whether through likes, comments and also subscribing to our blog. We want to give you all a shout out and also say THANK YOU for another great year!!!! #SWEETIEGANG

We LOVE to Hear from You!!!

Please let us know down in the comments section below.... what are some things that you are most thankful for. Let's continue to spread positive vibes on social media for the rest of the year by liking and sharing this post.

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Dec 05, 2022

You ladies look gorgeous! I'm so thankful for my family and to have a bed to sleep in at night. There were times when I had to sleep on the floor.

Sugar & Chique'
Sugar & Chique'
Dec 07, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, we too have experienced sleeping on the floor and not having much. Now the little things make us so grateful because it is reminder of how far we have come.

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