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5 Must-Have Lip Gloss Shades for a Flirty and Fabulous Spring Look

Top view of a jar with 5 lip glosses inside

Looking to achieve the ideal pout this spring? Search no more! This season, we aim to radiate an all-over glow, which includes flaunting the perfect lip gloss shade.

Whether you prefer soft pastels or bold and vibrant hues, there is a color for every preference. Prepare to welcome the beauty of spring with these enticing gloss shades.



5 Must-Have Lip Gloss Shades for a Flirty and Fabulous Spring Look


Keeping It Soft and Subtle

A lady having lip gloss applied to her lips.

Sweetiez, there's no harm in keeping things sweet and subtle! The "barely there" makeup trend is all the rage, easily giving that perfect balance between glam and au naturel. You can get that soft, dreamy look with some lovely, gentle gloss shades.

Soft and subtle looks can be achieved with a touch of gentle gloss shades that enhance your features without overpowering them. Here are some great examples of lip gloss shades that totally fall into this category:

  • Peachy Pink

  • Rosy Nude Tones

  • Sheer Berry

  • Lilac Lustre

  • Clear

Two fab brands that we can't get enough of for those lovely soft hues are Glossier and Burt's Bees! Both brands provide a variety of lip gloss shades that add a touch of color, moisture, and will enhance the natural beauty of your lips. With a minimalistic approach, you can achieve an everyday look that is fresh and radiant.

Unleash Your Vibrant, Playful Side!

A gorgeous African American woman wearing orange eye makeup and orange lip gloss

Spring is a time to ditch those dreary winter hues and embrace bold, lively colors! There are so many vibrant lip gloss shades to choose from. A few that are on our wish list include:

  • Coral Crush

  • Shimmering Champagne

  • Apricot Glow

  • Coral Reef

You can always pick up those vibrant and playful gloss shades in-store or online. We are huge fans of NYX Professional Makeup as well as Fenty Beauty. Our favorite thing about both brands is their bold and trendy shades that can be used to create many different looks. Go ahead, rock that daring lip gloss shade, and channel those sunny Spring/Summer vibes like a pro!

Chill Out with Earthy and Soft Tones!

A woman with long curly black hair posing and showing off her makeup look.

Similar to the subtle and gentle tones highlighted earlier, earthy soft lip colors will give you the same vibes.

When combined with a fresh face or suitable subtle makeup colors, earthy lip gloss shades will certainly stand out, giving you a rejuvenated appearance without being overly done.

You can also try adding a nice nude or chestnut brown lip liner. This will for sure elevate your look even further. Some examples of earthy lip gloss shades often include:

  • Rosy Nudes

  • Sheer Berry

  • Dewy Rose

  • Nude Shades

  • Browns

These shades are timeless and will also give off a 90s aesthetic. You can discover a variety of earthy lip gloss shades available at BareMinerals. We love this brand for its natural muted shades. Try some out for yourself and thank us later!

Sophisticated and Understated

A beautiful dark skin woman wearing dark pink lipstick

Add a dash of sophistication to your look by swiping on darker lip glosses. These shades can effortlessly turn a daytime vibe into nighttime glam. Watch any gentle look evolve into a sassy, vampy chic style!

Experiment with different shades of dark lip glosses by trying out a few of these shades:

  • Mauve Magic

  • Rosy Nude

  • Cocoa Beige

  • Berry Stain

  • Soft Plum

Do not be afraid to experiment with darker shades.  Dark lip glosses can add a stylish finishing touch to your makeup look.

Bright and Bold

Two women wearing bright red lipstick laying down on the grass

Lastly, it might seem cliché, but it's all about going bold or going home. Elevate your lipstick game by transforming a bold shade into an even bolder one with a layer of clear gloss.

If you want to make a bright and bold statement try out a few of these shades:

  • Firey Red

  • Fuchsias

  • Vivid Coral

  • Electric Pinks

Additionally, adding shimmer gloss to your makeup look will give your pout a glamorous and shiny finish.


What's the scoop on your go-to lip gloss brands? Are there any lip gloss shades you swear by? Spill the beans in the comments and hit that like button to spread the love!💋


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