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Comebacks and New Styles: Our Top Pick for New Hair Trends for 2024

Updated: Mar 10

We are coming to the end of the first quarter of 2024, and this year has already proven itself worthy when it comes to personal style. There has never been a better time to find what your personal style may be and when it comes to hair, it is no different. So many new styles to play with and some oldies that have made their way back. Here are our favorite picks for hair trends to look out for in 2024.

The Blunt Bob is number one on the list. It’s giving Edna Mode. It’s giving CHIQUE! It’s giving us everything we need for spring and summer. You can never go wrong with a bob. This is one style that looks good with every style. The most popular one this season is a straight, blunt cut hitting right at the chin. However, several bob styles will make heads turn. From bobs with beach waves to the tapered asymmetrical bob with layers, they all make a statement of style and grace. You can even play with colors like highlights and low lights. But this year it’s all about the browns!!!

Brown, brown, and more brown! They say blondes have more fun but brunettes are the moment! From chocolate brown to honey brown, this shade is no longer a fall color. Brown looks great with highlights of blonde. There is even a new shade in which “People Magazine” is coining as 'Bronde'; a perfect mix between the two shades. Some are even mixing their brown with red. Speaking of red, this is another color that is turning heads and making waves as a 2024 favorite. Not just any red either, reds with cool undertones. This shade is so nice, it’s almost an act of rebellion! Most people would preserve this shade for the fall but this is a 180 switch from your typical blond and pastels for the season.

Another style that has made somewhat of a U-turn is The Bang. Not the BAYANG! (IYKYK) Not just any bang. There are three different types that are creating signature looks for 2024: the curtain bang, the wispy bang, and the Birkin bang. In case you are not sure how to decipher which bangs are what, here are the cliff notes: The Curtain Bang: is a long bang that frames the face.The Wispy Bang: is short and see-through.The Birkin Bang: a soft fringe look. Whether side bangs or blunt bangs, however, you cut it, bangs are making a major comeback this year.

If you’re going to cut your hair, you may as well cut into this ’90s/00’s classic: Layers. We can remember when layers were all the rave. In the 90’s, superstar Aaliyah was known for her long black tresses with layers that framed the face. Well, that look seems to be making a comeback. Long layers + big curls =voluminous hair. Layers add volume and almost add a design to your hair. Layers will also make your highlights or two-toned hair colors pop, giving that peekaboo effect.

Lastly, since we’re on the subject of making statements with our hair, barrettes will help not only step up your hair game but also add to your accessories. From gold to colorful clips, hair accessories make your personality stand out.

Honorable mentions: Claw clips have come back and have taken over. This is one style we wore in middle school that we are here for. This is giving lazy day hair style but make it CHIQUE! If you want more lazy day styles, check out our previous post for more ideas:

The French Roll (Twist) is a 90s classic. If you wanted to add class to your outfit, the French roll added that extra bourgeoisie that you were looking for. Honestly, it is so weird to see some of these styles make their way back into modern style. This just means that most styles truly never go out of style.

What hairstyles are you excited about this year? Are there any that you wish to see come back or which ones do you wish they would keep in the vault? Let's discuss it! Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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