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Dive into swimwear: Tips to finding the perfect swimwear for your body.

Updated: May 3, 2019

Basic Swimwear

Summer 2019 is vastly approaching which means beach therapy, bodies, swimwear, and fun in the sun. Do you have the perfect piece for your body and style?! No.....well don't worry we are here to help!

First, let me start by saying EVERY BODY IS A GOOD BODY!!! We are just here to help you accentuate the best parts of you and your ASSets (wink wink). Here are some tips to finding the perfect swimwear.

Stripes: Stripes always give me that expensive nautical yacht feeling, daahling. They have been known to truly accentuate and widen your assets. Now learning how to wear and pair stripes for your body is key.

  • Athletic/Straight/Long Torso: Wearing horizontal stripes in the bust area gives you the illusion of a bigger bust thus creating a more curvier appearance.

  • Pear Shaped: Avoid wearing horizontal lines on the bottom half of your body. Keep them on top to create a longer torso to even out your wider bottom thus creating an hourglass appearance.

  • Hourglass: Horizontal or vertical lines are proportionally perfect for your body type as your hips and shoulder are the same width.

Solids: I meeeean, solids look AMAZE-BALLS on everyone. My personal fav is all black errythang but this isn't about me, mmkay! Although solids create versatility, some body types may appreciate patterns versus solids.

  • Plus size: Avoid solid colored swimwear because it does not do anything to bring out the best in your shape, nor does it create illusions. I mean, its all about the angles right?! Instead, pair with a print or wear dark solids in areas you want to minimize.

  • Long Torso: Wearing bright solid colors shortens your length and creates a small waist line.

  • Pear Shaped: Solid colored bottoms paired with a bright top can minimize the hip/thigh area. Making that part of the body look more lean in appearance.

Prints: Prints can add style and diversity to your bathing suit. It can also look give you that fashionable and chique (see what I did there ;P) look while at the pool or the beach. I mean, you don't even have to get in the water but your do have to look your best honey, yasss!!!

  • Short Torso: An asymmetrical design on a one-piece can make you look long and lean.

  • Athletic/Long torso: Prints in the bust area can create the illusion of a large bust.

  • Plus size: Prints going from the bust to hip area can make you look long and lean.

Ruffles: This style is definitely eye catching and can add a little vintage touch to your look. It not only minimizes certain areas of our bodies but it maximizes our style.

  • Pear shaped: This will draw more attention to the upper body and even out the bust and hips areas.

  • No Curves: Ruffles will create a larger bust for those without natural curves if worn on top. It will also create a bottom curve as well if worn on the bottom.

These are just a few tips to help get you beach ready and snatched this summer. Regardless of what you choose to wear, with confidence, you will most certainly be that b*tch!

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