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Fashion Predictions for 2024

As we are headed into the new year, we are already thinking of what will be the newest fashion trends. What's coming with us? What trends are we leaving behind? What direction is fashion going into? Will any retro looks be making a comeback? Look no further because we have a little bit of insight that will help you to prep your future wardrobe.


The 70's just can't seem to stay away. We already started to see a shift in fashion at the tail end of this year. If you noticed, we have been seeing an uptick in flared-leg jeans which were a huge fashion statement in the 70's and then again in the late 90's. Next year we can expect to see flared-leg jeans or pants make an appearance on the fashion scene once again. We can also expect to see a lot of sequins and shimmer as well. This has made waves even before the Renassiance summer with Beyonce this year. So expect to see a lot silver, gold, and other beautiful colors. Another look from the 70's making its way back is are jumpsuits. Jumpsuits hit the scene with Charlie's Angels and are continuing to make waves in business casual and casual settings.


Business causal is making a nice comeback in the fashion streets. During 2024, you will probably see lots of slacks and sneaker combinations. Alongs with button down tops and jeans. You will also so a mix of business meets sensual. If you don't know what business sensual is, it is defined as attire that you could wear in the office if it wasn't so sheer. So there will be sheer or see through button down tops, see through midi-skirts, satins, cropped tops paired with a business suit, and even maxi dresses just to name a few. Business fashion with baseball caps will also still be a thing in 2024.


Get ready, because your childhood and high school years are coming back! Just when you never thought you would see those Jnco jeans again. You can some what see a paradigm shift in 2023 with some of these Y2K favs now, like wide legged jeans and Juicy Couture tracksuits. This upcoming year, you will see anything from micro mini leather shorts, plaid shirts, and even slip dresses. You will also see chunky shoes and loafers making a huge statement in fashion trends as well. Man we probably shouldve kept those clunky Lizzie McGuire shoes if we would've known they were coming back in style. You may even see tube tops, mini skirts, and low rise jeans next year as well. Well if you did away with your old fashions like we did, be prepared to see them and potentially buy the new updated version of your old classic go-to styles.


Just when you thought you've seen it all, the 80's are coming back too. The upcoming fashions for 2024 seem to be the return of all things retro. When it comes to the 80's, you may see big clunky jewelry and leather jackets on the scene. Think big, bold, and edgy this year. You may have already seen some of this in 2023 with the big stud-like earrings and faux leather everything. You will also see blazers paired with high-waisted jeans, and you may even see an appearance by those crazy shoulder pads! Yes you heard that right......shoulder pads. This trend will even spill over into the makeup realm with blue eye shadows, colored/metallic lids, and bright blush.


  • Headbands: This timeless accessory is coming back in style

  • Textured Layers: From long tresses to that choppy bob! This is a style that will make a statement.

  • Millenial Pink: This baby pink color is back in action. If you remember Paris Hilton was notorius for wearing this bubble gum shade.

  • The Blow-out Look: Semi big hair and layers are in!

  • Squoval Shaped Nails: This square shape with rounded edges are going to be the go-to shape.

What trends are you looking forward to seeing again next year? Are there any trends you wish would make a come back? Leave a comment below and lets discuss. We were so excited to share our thoughts with you all this year and we are excited to see what the new year will bring! Until next year sweetiez! Cheers to 2023! May 2024 bring all good progress and learnable lessons that we can benefit and profit from!

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I'm here for all of this!!! 2024, here I come!!

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