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Finding Your Style: 7 Archetypes That Make Up Your Personal Style

Have you ever struggled with finding your personal style? You wear the trends but they seem to not complement you like it does others. I don’t know about you but my sister and I have struggled in the past to truly find styles that fit our personality.

Recently on TikTok, there have been lots of talk about how to find your personal style based on your archetype or personality. But how do you know which one you are?! Here is the list of 7 archetypes you may have that make up your personality.

#1 The Mother

The mother is the nurturer by nature. She tends to be a natural caretaker but she is also dominant. She is very protective. Her style tends to lean toward the Jackie O/ Michelle Obama fashion style.

#2 The Maiden

The maiden is flirty, youthful, lighthearted, innocent, whimsical, and adventurous. She can also be naive and have that teenage-like wild side. With the maiden archetype, you will typically lean towards florals, flirty skirts, and bright/ light colors.

#3 The Huntress

The huntress is self-sufficient. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She is a dominant warrior with a heart of gold. Her attitude is irresistible. Think of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus in terms of style if your personality is the huntress.

#3 The Mystic

The mystic is intuitive and spiritual. She is carefree. When you think of a mystic, think of Erykah Badu, Jhene Aiko, or Sade in terms of style. Lots of earth tones and jewelry play. The mystic is also very in tune with her body. She may wear pieces that show off her body while keeping it simple.

#4 The Sage

If you are looking for wisdom, the sage is the personality type for you. She seeks truth and knowledge. They tend to be perfectionists and share the knowledge they learn with others. The sage is known to make boss moves. And when you think of a boss in terms of style, look for a well put together woman in business-to-business/casual attire.

#5 The Queen

Your Majesty is the most powerful archetype of all. She is regal, timeless, confident, yet graceful. They have a blend of feminine with a hint of masculine energy. She stands out in every way including in her style choices. Beyoncé, Joan Crawford, and Kris Jenner are good examples of the queen archetype. Many people would call it being extra but we see it as being the Queen!

#6 The Lover

The lover is soft, sensual, and seductive. She exudes feminine energy at a high level. Anyone in the lover archetype tends to into the siren seductress category. In terms of style, the lover wears dresses, pinks, reds, and clothes that show just enough skin to raise a little excitement. Examples of the lover would be Elizabeth Taylor or Kim Kardashian.

Don't Forget.....

Use this as a guide to help find what styles you tend to lean towards and what may fit your fashion sense. Which archetype are you? Leave a comment and let us know. Also, leave us a "Like" and share this post.

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