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Good Riddance: Six Beauty Trends That May Be Dying

Makeup is like a revolving door, trends leave and then make their way back in. Sometimes when they come back they are new and improved while some stay the same. However there are a few that we think should leave us for a little while.

Keep in mind, these are just our opinion. If you love any of these trends, please continue to rock them and shine like the queen that you are.

The Caterpillar Lash

This is one trend that we can honestly say we are happy that this is dying or at least dying down. The overly done lash extension is not only blinding to the eyes but is not very versatile. Day to night looks are a no go as your daytime makeup looks to dramatic. It also looks very unnatural and outdated. This is a look that will be a stamp in time much like the spider leg eye lashes of the 60’s-70’s.

Extra Bushy Eyebrows

While we love a naturally full eyebrow, sometimes too much is just that. There is just no way to make this brow look sophisticated in our opinion. This is a great look for the runway and fashion editorial looks, but for everyday wear it just looks unkept. Definitely keep the fullness of the brows but just taper them for a nice fresh face look.

The Glossy Lid

The glossy eyeshadow look looks amazing in photos but in real time, this look can get messy. If you are like us with oily skin as it is, this is not a trend you want to hop on.

Too Much Blush

The over blush look can give 80’s vibes very easily. If you are not careful, you will remind yourself of your grandmother in her hay day. Blush definitely enhances that rosy hue we all know and love but let’s just tone in 2024.

Faux Freckles

Freckles are beautiful but let’s leave this to the naturally freckled beauties. Faux freckles are one of those looks that people will look back on and say what were we thinking. Much like how we look back at our brows in 2014……over drawn and too dark with a halo ring around it….whew! What a time to be alive. While freckles are beautiful, let’s leave it to the professionals….the natural born freckle queens!

Overly Baked

Ladies, we have baked so much we should have cakes by now. We went from an extra white under-eye, to yellow, to pink, and back to yellow. While we live for a bright under-eye, let’s tone it’s down a smidge in 2024.

Is there anything that we missed?! What trends do you think are dying and what trends do you think we should keep? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

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