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Health is Wealth: 6 Vitamins You Should Consider Adding to Your Diet

This year we have been focusing on healthy living. We are entering our healthy era and we have been looking at which supplements will be beneficial in our overall journey. There are so many supplements that would be good for your body but let's narrow it down to the top six vitamins that will give your body the nutrients you need along with a nutritious diet and exercise.

DISCLAIMER: We encourage all of our readers to have their annual physical done once a year and to consult with their doctor before trying any of the supplements listed below.

A Good Multivitamin:

You should be taking a good quality multivitamin every day. Taking a multivitamin every day helps your body to receive its daily doses of some of the essential minerals that you may or may not get in your diet every day. For women your multivitamin should include Vitamin A (skin, immune system, and vision health), B12 (boosts energy and brain health), C (enhances immunity, skin/hair health, and aids in collagen synthesis), and D3 (bone health and calcium absorption). It should also include calcium, folate, and iron as well. Hidden Gem: Sea moss is known to have 92 out of the 102 minerals recommended for your body's needs.

Mighty Magnesium:

For us, this has been a game-changer. Besides helping to absorb other minerals, magnesium provides its own health benefits. Those benefits include: improving insomnia, reducing stress levels (which we all could use), promoting energy, aiding digestion, regulating blood pressure, and enhancing bone, muscle, and heart health.

Bonus: it also helps clear your skin, reduce menstrual pain, and helps assist with your weight loss goals.

Gimme that Vitamin D:

This is a major vitamin/mineral that is a must, especially for women. As we age, we lose calcium and vitamin D. Some signs to look for if you feel you are deficient are changes in your mood, thin and/or brittle hair, muscle aches, exhaustion, and immunity health.

Tip: On top of taking an over-the-counter supplement, try sunbathing for at least 15 minutes a day.

Busy Vitamin B12:

Though you can get Vitamin B12 in your multivitamin, taking an additional supplement may help you reap some of these benefits. Vitamin B12 helps to increase your energy levels, helps to prevent anemia, supports bone health, and aids in the health of your hair skin, and nails.


Where do we even begin…..your gut health is like the secondary headquarters of the body. A good probiotic will help promote gut health, increase your energy levels, help your body fight toxins and parasites, help with mood/memory, support liver health, and also help with cholesterol levels. If you have a leaky gut, your body is out of wack. Here are signs to know if you have a leaky gut:

  • Diarrhea

  • Low energy

  • Painful bloating

One thing is for sure, heal your gut and the body will follow.

Fish Oil/Omega 3's:

If you have joint pain or elevated cholesterol, try taking a Fish oil supplement. Fish oil is a great way to get your Omega 3 intake without having to eat fish daily. Studies have shown that fish oil lowers the rate of heart disease development, helps to reduce blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, reduces inflammation, and helps to prevent plaque from forming in the arteries just to name a few. It has also been linked to supporting your eye health, improving your bone health, and even helping to reduce some symptoms of mental health conditions such as depression. Fish oil has been known to leave an aftertaste or cause fishy-tasting/smelling burps. To prevent that, try opting for a fish oil supplement with lemon flavor.

As always, we hope this information was beneficial in helping you to decide which supplements will be right for you.

DISCLAIMER: Please consult with your doctor before attempting to try any of these vitamins or supplements listed as they may conflict with any pre-existing conditions that you may have or medications you may currently take. If you do not have pre-existing conditions, please consult with your doctor to have labs drawn to ensure your blood levels reflect that you need to incorporate these into your diet. There is a such thing as having too much in your system which may also have side effects and complications.

How do supplements fit into your health journey? Do you already take them or are you considering adding them?  Leave a comment below and let's discuss and learn together.

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