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Holiday Special: The Rage of Richard

There once was a boy named Richard, who was born and raised in Ohio. He had a normal upbringing. He grew up with his mom (Betty) and two twin sisters. His father passed away in a car accident when he was 8 years old. After Richards father died, his mother was devastated and alone. She has three children to look after and no one to help her do it. She heavily leaned on her eldest son for support and because so Richard felt it was his job to become the man of the house. He would get his sisters ready for school and stop by to pick them up afterwards. He would often cook breakfast and dinner for them while his mother went to work. He would assume all household activities while his mother worked. When she wasn't working, she was so depressed that she often times did not want to interact with the children. 

About 3 years has passed since the death of his father when his mother met a man named Arnod. Arnod was a very wealthy man and agreed to take in his now girlfriend and three children. Almost a year to the date after they met, Arnod and Betty, were married and they moved to Illinois. 

After the two wed, Richard's attitude started to change. Since moving into their new home, Richard started complaining that he was hearing noises and voices from a small door inside of his closet. He also said he would see a flickering light underneath the door as well. No one knew exactly why the door was there or where exactly it led to. Betty and Arnod assumed that Richard's behavior was due to puberty and moving from state to state. Richard would often time have moments of rage. So much so, his sisters were afraid to be around him. Once, Richard became so angry with his sisters that he set fire to their trash can and threatened to burn them if they ever come in his room again. Richard and Arnod would often get into heated arguments about his behavior. Arnod became so angry one day and said to Richard, "you will burn with your rage living under my roof"

Over the course of two weeks, Richard would hear the voices and finally decided to open the door in his closet. When he opened the door, the whispers became stronger and stronger. He slowly walked closer to the door.......being hypnotized by the flickering light. Just then, a hand reached out and grabbed Richard by the neck, choking him. The mysterious figure scratched Richard's neck, leaving a burning mark.  The figure then released him and he went into a deep slumber. 

The next morning, Betty, Arnod, and the twins found Richard laying on the floor next to the small door. The door had been cracked open and smoke coming from the door. His mother found the burning scratches on Richards neck. Betty, once again heartbroken, sat for months and months, waiting for Richard to wake up. Sadly, Richard never woke up. Many people believe that Arnod may have had something to do with Richard's coma and the singed scratches around his neck. It's been said that Richard burns came from Richards rage that burned him from the inside out.

Years have passed since Richard and his family lived in the Illinois home. Several families that moved into the family home alleged to hearing the whispering voices and the smell smoke at night. Some even say Richards soul is trapped inside the home and is ready to take out his rage on the next person who comes to visit.

Happy Halloween

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