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The Ultimate "It Girl's" Guide to Daily Happiness

Updated: Feb 12

You hear a lot about being that girl/guy or being an it girl/guy but no one ever tells you what steps to take? Does it just come natural? Are you just born with it? Let’s explore how you too can become the girl/guy of your dreams! 

Believing (confidence) 

The first step in becoming that girl, is believing in yourself. Confidence is defined as “belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.”  Never underestimate the power of your mind. Once you are able to see the highest version and value of yourself, nothing will be able to alter your opinion of self. Ask yourself: “what does she/them/he look like?” “How does he/she/them carry themselves?” “How do I execute and bring this person to life?”  Answering these questions are the start of your personal journey. If you are able to envision this person in your mind, they/he/she can and will become a reality. 


This is a big one. Let’s talk health in all areas of life. Being the best version of yourself should include being the healthiest version of yourself. This includes your wellness exams, self care retreats, diets and exercise. Let’s break this down: 

*Physical health: per your insurance (if you have any), you are guaranteed at least a FREE yearly physical. This, in most cases, includes a basic set of labs; checking your electrolytes, cholesterol, and blood cell count. Healing your body and receiving the proper treatment first starts with knowing what is wrong.  Also, your gut is the foundation of your body. Healing your gut can lead to weight loss, clearer skin, etc. Find a good probiotic and work on what you put into your body as well. It is true: you are what you eat. 

*Mental health: Many of us struggle with depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, etc. By getting the therapy and help that you need, you cannot only help your brain to function properly but you can also rid yourself of past traumas that may still be triggering you. See a therapist or a psychiatrist and discuss a treatment plan that is fit for you and not what the internet recommends. 

*Dental health: Our parents always told us to brush and floss at least one or twice a day. But did you know that oral cancer is often could be treated if caught early? By going to your dental appointments, you can avoid late detection of oral cancer and other diseases that can be detrimental to your health. Did you know that more than 200,000 a year end up being diagnosed with oral cancer? It is better to be safe than sorry. Please get your dental exams because copays are less than chemotherapy. 

Personal style:

Most people think they have any idea of personal style but do you really know what your personal style is? There are so many things to consider when defining what your higher self looks like. How do you feel you want to look when you show up? Are you well put together? Here are a few things to jot down: 

  • Who are some people or celebrities I admire for their sense of style? 

  • What is your body type: Apple? Pear? Rectangular? Hourglass? 

  • What colors look best with my skin tone? 

  • What styles make me happy? 

Getting to know yourself:

Like personal style, do you really know who you are? Most people feel they have an idea or who they are and what they want until something or someone comes along and switches everything up? Here are a few questions or ask yourself: 

  • What are my likes and dislikes about myself? 

  • What are my boundaries? 

  • Am I an extrovert or an introvert? 

  • What are my standards for self and other people?

Find out what centers you and you will find out who you are becoming. 

Intellectual health:

Keeping your mind sharp is a must. You must always remain a student and remain teachable. An IT girl is always willing to learn new things. Expand your vocabulary. Learn about a new subject. Pick a subject that will help you along your journey and read books about how you can implement those changes into your life. Find books that peak your interest and start reading! 


Always remember to keep it positive and practice gratitude always. No one likes a big-headed person. Be humble and grateful for where you are right now. Be proud of how far you have come and look at where you are going. Journaling helps to keep your mind focused and it is often used to document your progress. Listen to and watch things that make you smile. Never have the attitude and feel like you have arrived. Give back often. 

Being an IT girl is not about being the prettiest, the skinniest, tallest/shortest, and it is most certainly not a popularity contest. It’s about bringing out your best attributes and being a better person for you and only you. 

What are some things you would add to the list of being an it girl? Leave a comment below and let us know! Join the conversation and share! 

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