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NMG-Natural Melanin Glow: Tips for keeping that skin glowing all 2020

This is the year 2020. Our vision will be clear and so will our skin. We were blessed with age-defying natural melanin that is unmatched. Though the saying “black don’t crack is TRUE in most cases (IDC, IDC WHAT ANYONE SAYS)…….I mean............

Exhibit A.:

just look at MUVA, Mrs. Angela Bassett mmkay?!!!! Can you say age-defying queen?

Yaaaasssssssssss, honey. We are out here doing that damn thang without don’t doing nothing at all, ya feel me. *snap snap* Although, we were blessed with this natural gift, we want to maintain and make sure our melanin shines bright like a diamond from the inside out. Here are a few of my favorite tips to clear, glowing skin…….no make up needed.

Step One: MIND YO BUSINESS!!!! Girl, I cant stress this enough. Staying out of other peoples business works wonders. You ever have a friend or anyone who’s problems have somehow become yours too? It's ok to be a friend, but if it consumes you let it go. The extra stress will add time to your beautiful features….and by time, I mean wrinkles ;P.

Step Two: Water, water, and more water. Drinking water naturally flushes the toxins out of your body and resulting in clear and even skin tones. Drinking water has other health benefits as well, but for now we will just continue to discuss our skin.

Step Three: Natural Aloe vera masks. (Do Not Use if You Are Allergic) Aloe vera  has natural healing properties that rejuvenate the skin and gives you a natural glow. I have personally used the gel straight from the plant on my face once or twice a week and my skin feels so hydrated and bright. Here is a website where I have found several natural masks. They even have one listed for aloe vera. Try it and leave a comment below to let us know how your skin feels.  Now moving forward with the recommendations.

Step Four: Rest.....Getting plenty of sleep recharges all of your organs. Seeing as though, your skin is the biggest organ you have, you definitely want to make it a priority. Not to mention, getting the adequate amount of sleep helps you to look and feel refreshed.

Lastly: Exfoliate and Moisturize: While exfoliating removes all the dead skin, moisturizing replenishes your skin. Leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated. So, don’t be a dry faced heifa out in the streets ladies. Keep it cute and moisturize. Our skin and hair, REQUIRES hydration.


BLACK GIRLS NEED SPF TOO!!!! Just like our sisters of a different shade can get damaged from the sun, so can we. Make sure you wear SPF to protect your skin from the beaming heat of the sun this summer.

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