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Pantone Color Predictions for Fall 2022

Fall is FINALLY here and we are ready to pull out the fall wardrobe. We know that we have our typical fall colors that make us excited; burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and hunter green, etc. However, Pantone has made some predictions during NYFW on what the new trendy colors for Fall 2022 will be.

According to Pantone there are six bold colors that will definitely stand out this fall.

Martini Olive:

This color is Pantone 18-0625.

Who doesn't love a good olive/sage color green?! This color is described as a fruit inspired green with a touch of brine.This color always looks good with gold jewelry. You can also pair this color with a plum, beige, tan, burgundy or even red.

Lava Falls

This color is Pantone 18-1552.

This is a color that would look amazing as a nail color. Its not candy apple red but it is also not so vampy. The perfect concoction for fall. This color is described as a red with orange hues. This is one color that would look amazing with coral or even hunter green.


This color is Pantone 19-4127.

Midnight is a great evening color. It is almost like a muted navy and is described as "the evening sky". Surprisingly you can pull this color off with the martini green, gray, or even an eggplant color. You can pull this look off with silver or gold jewelry; it just depends on what complimentary shade you pair it with.

Caramel Cafe

This color is Pantone 18-1148.

What is fall without a hue of brown and orange. Why not mix them together. This color is a perfect shade of brown with red-orange hues. This color is simply delicious. This color is complimentary to blue-violets and gold. This color is also a perfect nude nail color.

Samoan Sun

This color is Pantone 14-0851.

Yes we know that summer is over however, that does not mean the sun doesn't shine in the fall. As we know, fall is the perfect blend of warmth with a hint of chill in the air. This color is a like a pastel version of the typical mustard yellow we see in the fall. It is described as a cheerful color that illuminates. This is great color to wear with a chocolate brown or martini olive as mentioned above.

Orange Tiger

This color is Pantone 16-1358.

This color is bold and bright! As bright as the light of a jack-o-lantern. This color is described as "whimsical". Such a bold color like this is beautiful when paired with a dark teal and even black. Like most fall colors, this shade would look amazing with gold and or silver jewelry.

These bold colors are sure to be show stopping this fall. Muted colors are always a vibe for the fall but why not go bold and stand out this fall. What are your favorite colors from this list? Will you be rocking some of these new hues or will you continue with neutral tones?

Leave a comment below and let us know which color is your favorite from this list.

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Sep 26, 2022

I love ALL of these colors! It’s so hard between with ones I would wear more. I think it would be depended upon my mood. They all are gorgeous! 😍🥰🤎💛🧡🍁🍂

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