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Patrice's Picks: 4 Must-Have Hot Fashion Finds for Summer

Hey Sweeties!!! It's Patrice here. Co-founder of the popular blog Sugar and Chique. Summer is right around the corner, and we definitely need to be cute for all those vacation pics that will soon liter our phones and our Instagram pages. If we can't beat the heat, we might as well look fabulous in it. Keep reading if you're looking for some hot essentials that are trendy this summer and want to incorporate a few of my picks into your summer wardrobe. 💕



#1 Hand Me My Handbags

Handbags continue to be on trend this summer, and everyone can literally look like a million bucks without spending much at all. Don't get me wrong, I love a good designer handbag or two but, there are so many new brands and boutiques that are absolutely killing the game with either their own original designs or "designer inspired" dupes. We just can't get enough.

I am a massive Amazon shopping addict, but I have good reason for doing so, since I find some truly amazing items there.

For instance, take this beautiful "shamrock" colored bag that is inspired by the Bottega Veneta Chaine Casset Bag. I found this beauty on Amazon for well under $200. Compared to the price of $5,000 for an actual Bottega bag, I would say that this is definitely a steal. The chain on this bag is nice and heavy, and the inside has plenty of room for your wallet, keys, phone, plus more. It also looks amazing when styled with everything from maxi dresses to jeans. I know that I will be rocking this bag with several outfits this summer. Check it out here:

Another really awesome find that I've run across when searching for really cute but affordable handbags is my tailor made black and white Birkin inspired bag from a brand known as BlackSiVouge.

BlackSiVouge is a Black owned brand that offers these boss girl bags. Very roomy just like with an actual Birkin. Very soft leather and comes in an array of fun colors. This bag would be awesome for beach hopping and traveling this summer. Order yours today:

#2 I Dream of Jeans

Only rivaled by leggings, jeans are the dress code of relaxation. This summer it's all about distressed holes, fringes, and cutouts. So edgy and all together "chique", this trend is so timeless that it has managed to remain in style for decades.

Fortunately, these jeans can be styled a variety of ways and paired with a variety of things, but when you think about it, it's kind of unbelievable that we actually purchase good jeans that are distressed. Nevertheless, these jeans made it into my list because I absolutely love them. Since these types of jeans are popular, you can buy them almost anywhere, however, I personally recommend shopping at Fashion Nova. Their jeans offer a true to size fit in most cases and are made stretchy for those of us girls with a little extra to offer in the butt and thigh regions. If you are new shopping with them, they have awesome BOGO sales from time to time on all for their denim. Check them out here:

#3 Topping Off Summer

Tank tops have long been a summer must-have and they can help you look put-together in a casual outfit if they're accessorized well. The spaghetti strap tank has always been a favorite of mine that I've been rocking since high school however, there are several different types to choose from. Some of the unique styles include Double Layered, Razor Back, Halter Tanks, and Cut Out Tanks.

Quite a few brands have capitalized off of the effortless, yet sophisticated look tanks bring to an outfit. I also feel that tank tops have grown up over time with brands like Skims offering classic nude shades as well as elegant scoop neck styles. Skims can be a bit pricey at $34 just for one tank top. If you are looking for a steal, try shopping on and get 4 of their tank tops for around the same price.

#4 Shoe Cam

When transitioning into the summer months, most of us begin somewhat of a fitness journey. In doing so, we'll definitely need some fabulously comfortable tennis shoes to match any of our cute workout fits. I have found some of the most "chique" yet affordable shoes for just that.

Once again, my Amazon addiction has led me to me discovering another great find. These tennis shoes aren't from a high-end brand, yet they are extremely comfortable and come in some really awesome colors. I don't just wear them for my brief workouts, these shoes are a great wear to the office or to just run some errands around town. If you would like to snag a pair of your own, check out .

This was a brief list but let's keep the conversation going. If you would like for us to do more of these please leave us a comment down below. Also leave us a to show us some love. Stay cool this summer!!!

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