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Period!!!! 5 Products Every Woman Needs in Her Monthly Arsenal

How many of us can relate to this, ladies? Imagine your excitement as you prepare for a much-needed getaway filled with lots of fun and sun when all of a sudden "Aunt Flow" arrives with a plan to ruin everything? Super frustrating to say the least. Not to mention bloating and those dreaded cramps for those of us who have been unluckily blessed to endure them.

Not to worry, we've got just what you need to help make those monthly visits a little easier. Here are 5 products every woman needs in her monthly arsenal.


# 1: Pills...Pills...Pills

Modern day medicine has truly been a blessing. We can't say that we're not thankful for the ability to self-medicate when our cramps become super unbearable. With that being said, what arsenal wouldn't be complete without good ole fashion aspirin?

When picking out the right aspirins to include in your arsenal, it's best to make sure that they are tailor fit for your symptoms. When we aren't experiencing too much of a heavy flow and our cramps aren't as bad, we opt to reach for Midol.

Midol is perfect in that it was created to specifically target symptoms that are commonly associated with menstrual cycles. In our experience, Midol does not work very well for extreme cramps. We do, however use it to help out with bloating and as a cure for any mild headaches that we may experience. As with all medications, please ensure to take them as directed and also speak with your doctor about any concerns you may have before using them.

# 2 Heating Pad Smack Down

For years we suffered in silence and tried to "go it alone" when handling our poor cramps. As we lay in agony waiting for our stomach pain to subside, we finally came to our senses.

If you really want to put the "SMACK DOWN" on your cramps...we highly recommend investing in a good heating pad. Luckily for us, we found a hidden gem that we had no idea existed. Pictured above is a product that showcases how heating pads have gone high tech. This Menstrual Heating pad is revolutionary in that it not only provides 3 heating levels but, it vibrates as well. Both heating and vibration levels start at 1 (lowest) to 3 (highest). Very SOOTHING!!!

Another cool feature of this device is that it includes a strap that snaps around your waist. It gives high tech fanny pack vibes while also being thin enough to discretely wear under clothing. It comes in two colors and a USB charging cord is also included which means no batteries are necessary. Where can you find this cool gadget? On of course.

# 3 Please Pass the Chocolate

There is significant evidence to suggest that during the weeks leading up to and even during our menstrual cycles, we tend to crave salty or sweet snacks more than usual.

We don't know about you but...chocolate is definitely our weakness during these times. We highly recommend having a stash of your favorite snacks on hand. Also, don't be ashamed to totally binge on all of your favorite movies and shows while munching away on that full bag of double stuffed Oreo cookies. We promise we won't judge.

# 4 What's Tea Sis?

We've covered a product that helps to send warmth to the stomach from the outside but, what about a soothing comfort from within? A nice warm pot of tea is the perfect remedy to aid in calming down cramps.

Herbs such as Camomile and Lavendar are known to relax the body while superfoods like ginger and turmeric assist with any inflammation and water weight. There are so many brands of teas to choose from. Some of our favorites include Yogi, Celestial, Starbucks Brand, and Bigelow.

Gather your favorite mug and stock up on a few cases of warm tea to get your tummy/waist back to that pre-period snatch.

# 5 Relax and Unwind

After you've done everything else to relax, there's one last thing that never fails. A nice warm bath. Warm water always relaxes the senses and combined with a nice bath pillow and some aroma therapy your experience will definitely payoff. With our heavy mood swings during this time of the month a bath helps us to get away and reflect on the day. After leaving the tub we always feel not only clean but, refreshed and well rested.

We also can't talk about bathing without talking about bubbles. We have tried many brands that smelled absolutely wonderful and definitely don't disappoint. One of our favorites, however, has to be from Dr. Teals.

Dr. Teals has a variety of bubble baths and Epsom salts. We've recently tried the Sleep Soak and Sleep Bath that contains Melatonin. We mean it when we say that we not only leave our bath with soft skin, but also feeling relaxed afterwards. Pick some up today and you'll be glad you did.

Ladies, we know we all dread that time of the month. Despite the fact that we experience this, there are a couple of ways to help make it easier to deal with. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.

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