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Things I No Longer Care About (Hair Edition)

As the end of the year approaches, we start to think about all the changes we've made throughout the year and some new things we would like to implement into the next. This includes letting go of things that we have outgrown and are just no as important to us anymore. We are trying to go into the new year feeling lighter and more confident. Quite frankly, I want to feel inside as well as out. With that being said, here are out list of things we no longer care edition!

#1 The Latest Hair Trends

We feel our best selves wearing our hair the way we want. We choose whatever color and style that looks best for the season; whether the seasons of the year or whatever season I am in in life. This is when you feel the most confident. The more confidence you have, you more you show up as your best self. Also, side part, middle part, or no part at all….either way you’re beautiful!

#2 Au Naturale

Now wait a minute! Hear us out! There used to be a time where I would be a little ashamed that someone would find out I am wearing a weave, a wig, or any extensions. Truth is……that is no longer a concern whatsoever! The protection that comes with wearing a wig and the versatility with wearing an extensions are unmatched. I no longer have to cut my natural hair, dye it, or even grow it out. Options are available!

#3 Rapunzel Locks

Remember the days where it was it was an insult if someone called you out for having short hair. I can remember not wanting my ends clipped and trimmed because I wanted to the length. It is better the have healthy hair rather than long broken hair any day. Getting your regular trims and treatments will not only promote healthy hair growth straight from the follicles but also help to retain the length of your hair in the long run. Do not be afraid to cut off those dead ends and start over.

#4 Product Junkie

For my natural hair community, during the beginning of caring for your natural hair. You just don’t know where to start. So you lean on the influencers, family, and friends for product recommendations, only to end up with a beauty supply store right within your own home. Nowadays, I have found myself going back to the basics with my hair. Using naturally clean products that are healthy for the scalp/hair and not the latest fad products. So go use old faithful because it works, not because it’s popular.

#5 Complicated Styles

For everyday wear, I like to keep it simple. Of course, got special occasions and those sassy up-dos are amazing. However, I do not care to wear a very set and decorative style everyday. Simplicity is key and having a low maintenance style is definitely more our speed. Plus this helps with hair growth and retention. Like anything you want to grow, don’t over complicate things and leave it alone.

Whatever style you choose, you have to go with what makes you feels your absolute best. Whether up or down, long or short, natural, relaxed or dyed, it’s your crown. Wear it proudly and never let it slip!

What are some things you no longer care about when it comes to hair? Leave a comment below and let’s have a discussion!

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I wish I could care about no longer doing my hair! 😂🤣

I really enjoy wearing weaves to protect my natural hair.

Sugar & Chique'
Sugar & Chique'

We're right with you!!! We love wearing our weaves and wigs just to switch things up from time to time. Also, it's so convenient!!! 💕

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