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TRUE STORY: Fashion Mistake

Updated: May 2, 2019

When I was in 7th grade I had a brown and black pair of loafer type shoes. The year was 1997/98 and Clueless the television series was still poppin!!!! Cher and Dion had a pair of these shoes and I wanted a pair too. I loved those shoes so much and pretty much wore them everyday.

Well sometimes you don't realize how much people pay attention to you until they point something out. Now sweetiez, I was in the 7th grade so peoples opinions and acceptance meant EVERYTHING to me. If you ask me now, I wear what I want and I do not give AF what people say. You live and you learn right?!!! Anyways back to the story.

So I would wear these shoes with jeans, overalls, dresses, name it, I had them shoes on girl. Until one day, in my social studies class. One of the most popular class clowns in the 7th grade came up to me as I was walking into class. We'll just name him "Steven". So "Steven" says "hey cutie!" NOW YOU KNOW IM HYPED AT THIS POINT!!!!!!

However, I casually say "oh.....hey Steven." Steven says "can I ask you a question?!" By this time my heart is racing and I'm thinking oh gosh, what! And in front of the whole class none the less. So me being calm, I say "sure, whats up?!". "Steven": " it against your religion to wear tennis shoes?!" At that point a sea of laughter when across the whole class and I'm pretty sure the teacher chuckled a little bit too.

I rushed to my seat in embarrassment with my face all red and tears starting to fill my eyes. I didn't cry though because I didn't want to draw more attention to myself.

I never wore those shoes again..............

Has anyone ever had a fashion embarrassment like this or worse. Leave a comment below....

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