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Unwind at Bath time...Healthy bath time tips to help you unwind

Do you have a definite bath/shower routine? It is more than just soap and water. For me, my bath/shower routine is an ambiance experience. After a long day, it is like a spa reward to myself. So let me break down the experience and maybe this can add some new tips to your routine.

I like to start my bath experience with a good face wash routine. A great facial routine makes you feel like you are at the spa. I won't get into what specific products you should use or try (however, we can discuss this at a later date ;) ) but what I will say is everyone should have a face steamer. A steamer just adds to the ambiance and honestly makes your skin look amazing! If you do not have a face steamer, trust me when I say you need to invest in one. It will change your life.

Before we begin, we must start this journey with the obvious....soap. Having a good soap is essential to cleanliness and hygiene. However, women cannot use certain soaps. Vaginal itching, dryness, and discomfort can occur with some soaps. Especially soaps containing fragrances and parabens. Women who use fragranced soaps are also more likely to contract urinary tract infections and yeast infections. Even if you prefer special vaginal products, you can still use plain unscented soap and water. Just make sure to wash both the inside and outside of your vulva to ensure your lady parts are clean and your pH is healthy. I prefer to use products like Honey Pot and/or Vagisil that are specifically designed for our lady bits.Honey Pot and/or Vagisil that are specially designed for our lady bits.

Smooth skin is the next priority. Do you still use the razor like me? Raise your hand if you do. Although this can be achieved through waxing or laser hair removal, there is nothing wrong with using old faithful. Usually, I like to start my skin prep with a good exfoliant. Using an exfoliant of your choice helps to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin. By doing this, you can get a close, clean shave (key word being clean). Starting off with a new razor is a great idea, and it should be replaced after each use. Once you have exfoliated, apply your favorite shaving cream and you are set to go. I prefer the sugar scrubs by Tree Hut, but you can also make your own with coconut oil, sugar, citrus zest, and vitamin E oil. Tree Hut or you can also make your own using coconut oil, sugar, citrus zest, and/or vitamin E oil. Your skin will feel smooth as a babies bottom!

An ambiance experience would not be complete without a bubble bath. If you enjoy bathing, bubbles can make the experience more enjoyable. If you are a shower girl, adding fresh eucalyptus leaves to your shower is a game changer. If you are a bath girly, bubbles and bath bombs help you to relax and unwind. However, just like soaps you have to be careful with using bubbles and bath bombs with lots of fragrances and harsh products that can create unhealthy lady issues.

After a relaxing bath and a bomb facial routine, a warm towel or robe would be nice if you have a towel or robe warmer. If you do not have warmer, there is no need to worry. Find a robe that is a warm jersey material that feels nice and cozy but if you want the ambiance experience, why not try a silk robe. Silk on fresh and smooth skin feels......*chefs kiss*.

I like to use a bath oil or a good moisturizing lotion to help your skin feel your best and seal it with a little spritz of perfume! Pair this with a glass of wine if you like, a good book, and VOILA! This completes our bath time routine ladies and gents.

Do you have a similar routine or is there anything that you do differently. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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