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Help!!!! Do I have a Shopping Addiction?

Disclaimer: Just random thoughts that are being turned into a post.

Shopping has always been a great pastime for us however, if we added up all of our lifetime purchases, we would easily have been millionaires. Of course, most people may also find that to be true in their own lives. Even so, where do reasonable people draw the line between occasional splurges and overspending? In our opinion, shopping becomes an issue when it feels like no matter what you buy or how much you spend, it's just not enough.

In this post we'll explore a few factors that have played a role in our unhealthy spending habits. We would like to state that our choices aren't a result of blaming anyone or anything; rather, we are just pointing out some factors that have made it easy for us to feed what we feel could potentially become an addiction in the making.

Online Shopping

Come on, you knew we were going to mention this. Online shopping is only the MOST convenient thing that allows us to have whatever we want at our fingertips. To date, there are so many shops and boutiques all over the web that allow for you to buy from anywhere in the world all the while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

We mentioned one of our guilty pleasures in a previous post, which is, and how it became our lifeline during the pandemic. You can read that post here: "It's So Hard to say Good "Buy". Are Shopping Malls a thing of the Past? Amazon is visited by millions of people every day, and they offer just about everything you could possibly need. We've become addicted to Amazon because of its conveniently fast delivery and affordable prices however, we want to break this habit in 2022.

Social Media

The ability to influence the masses has become easier these days. Product ads are everywhere, and you no longer need to search endlessly for those cute shoes you've been eyeing since seeing JLO wearing them on the red carpet. There have also been so many improvements in marketing with popular apps like Tik Tok and with apps like Instagram now including reels.

YouTube, however, still stands out as the place to find influencers who work with popular brands to promote their products. Many of them also offer coupon codes when they are sponsored by brands. We don't know about you but seeing the clothes our favs wear and the products they stand behind makes us want to support the same things they do. Advertisers and influencers both have jobs to do, but if social media becomes a trigger for overspending, it's definitely time to find a solution.


The most important thing to do when you feel like you have an overindulgence in anything is to take a step back. It's easier said than done, but it's very important to determine what it may be that's making you want to fill any void with unhealthy activities. Our goal before the new year was to establish a realistic goal and stick to it. This year, we want to reduce the amount of time we spend on social media, set financial goals, realize our triggers, and replace shopping impulses with activities that help us grow. We are influencers ourselves, so this might be challenging, but it is possible, and we want to share our experience.

Don't forget to show us some love in the comments!!! ❤ Give us some advice and tell us how you deal with any addictions you may have.

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